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There is no agreed upon definition of a white collar crime. According to Wex Law Dictionary, sociologist Edwin Sutherland coined the term in 1939 as “a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.” Wex also states that a white collar crime is generally a nonviolent crime committed in a commercial situation for financial gain. White collar crimes span a wide range of illegal activities, however, the vast majority committed are a type of fraud. Many different federal and state agencies prosecute white collar crimes. If you are being investigated or have been charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice (DOJ), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), local officials, or another agency, an experienced criminal defense attorney at Moses & Rooth can ensure that you receive the best possible defense.


According to Wex Law Dictionary, fraud is the deliberate deceiving of someone with the intent of causing damage. Generally, the damage involved is financial damage. Fraud takes many different forms and the qualifications for the different types of fraud differ by federal, state and local statutes and may carry a range of consequences if convicted. According to TRAC Reports, in the first ten months of 2013 the Southern District of Florida was fourth in the nation for the greatest number of white collar crime prosecutions per capita.

Most Common Types of White Collar Fraud in Florida

According to TRAC Reports, in October of 2014, the DOJ reported the ten leading fraud convictions as:

  1. Fraud by wire, radio, or television;
  2. Attempt and conspiracy to commit mail fraud;
  3. Public money, property, records fraud;
  4. Mail fraud categorized to be frauds and swindles;
  5. Bank fraud;
  6. Fraud and false statements;
  7. Conspiracy to defraud the government;
  8. Conspiracy to commit an offense or to defraud the United States;
  9. ID fraud; and
  10. Fraud related to access devices.

Other Types of Fraud

Other types of fraud include:

Other Types of White Collar Crimes

Without an exact definition of white collar crimes it is difficult for agencies to categorize exactly what falls within. There are, however, other offenses than fraud that are generally labeled as a white collar crime. Some other white collar crimes are:

  • Antitrust violations;
  • Environmental violations;
  • Insider trading;
  • Bribery;
  • Kickbacks;
  • Blackmail;
  • Money laundering; and
  • Many others.

A wide range of laws exist for the federal government, the state, and local authorities to charge a person with under the category of white collar crimes. Consult a Moses & Rooth attorney today if you are concerned that an activity you are involved with may be an illegal white collar crime. If you are being investigated or have been charged with a crime by the FBI, IRS, SEC, DOJ, the state, or local police, or another agency for a possible white collar crime, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Moses & Rooth for an explanation of the charges and the best possible defense.

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