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The defense attorneys of Moses and Rooth in Orlando Florida have extensive trial experience and in-depth knowledge of the federal and state criminal justice systems. We understand all the nuances of the process and how a charge against you can come unraveled by a single detail missed by the prosecution.

Our law firm believes you truly are innocent until proven guilty. Our experience and background include:

  • We are former prosecutors and know the criminal justice system from different perspectives. Our clients benefit from this experience because we are often able to anticipate the prosecution’s strategy.
  • We have extensive defense and trial experience at every level of criminal litigation. While it is often possible to resolve a case through negotiations with the prosecutor, we prepare every case for trial. We are sticklers for detail. We know that many cases are determined by technicalities.
  • We offer peace of mind. When you are a Moses and Rooth client, you leave your case in the hands of experience and skill. We will also keep you informed about court dates and the status of your case.
  • We are responsive. We know that when you need a criminal defense attorney, you need help immediately. That is why we answer the phone 24 hours a day. When you have questions about your case, we will answer them quickly.
  • We charge reasonable rates. Additionally, we accept credit cards and offer payment plans when necessary. We don’t want excessive expenses to stand between you and the legal services you need and deserve.

In the event you are court ordered to participate in online classes for whatever reason – anger management, domestic violence, drugs/alcohol, theft, etc, we proudly partner with North American Learning Institute to make taking these classes as straight forward as possible. Visit our Florida Court Ordered Courses page to learn more.

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Our law firm is conveniently located in downtown Orlando, just a few blocks from the courthouse. Contact the lawyers at Moses and Rooth by calling us at 407-377-0150 or schedule a free initial consultation online.

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