Orlando Juvenile Crimes Attorneys

Juvenile crimes in Orlando.When a child (juvenile or youth) is taken into custody by the police for a crime, it can be a trying time for his or her family. It is natural to be worried about what will happen next and whether the arrest will affect the child’s educational and job prospects.

The Orlando juvenile crimes lawyers at Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law can work with you and within the system to help get the charges dropped, or if the child is convicted, lessen the damages. Before we begin, here are some basic rights that all juveniles have when they are taken into custody.

  • Right to an attorney
  • Right to remain silent
  • Right to know the charges filed against him or her
  • Right to examine evidence
  • Right to confront accusers
  • Right to trial by jury

The Juvenile Justice System is much different than the adult criminal courts.

What can happen if a juvenile is taken into custody by law enforcement?

Once a juvenile is taken into custody, they are delivered to the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) at the Juvenile Assessment Center. The juvenile is interview by a DJJ counselor. The counselor will use this information along with the new criminal charges and the prior criminal history to prepare a risk assessment. The risk assessment will determine whether the child should remain in secured detention or released to the childs parent or guardian. If the child is held in secured detention by DJJ, the child must appear before a Judge within 24 hours. The judge will then review the risk assessment and make a formal ruling on secured detention. If the Judge rules to keep the child in secured detention, the child will remain at the secured juvenile assessment center for 21 days or until the criminal case is closed.

The State Attorney’s Office will then make a formal decision if they will pursue formal criminal charges and file a Petition for Delinquency. Once the formal charges are filed, the State attorney is required to provide the defense lawyer all the discovery. (police reports, victim statements, witness statements and any other evidence) Our Orlando juvenile crimes attorneys will review all the discovery and explain the possible defenses for the charges. We are also experienced in understanding the alternative opportunities for juvenile offenses. The juvenile courts offer many diversionary programs that may require community service, counseling, drug treatment, letters of apology, restitution or even writing essays. Upon successful completion of the diversionary program will result in a dismissal of the charges.

How can we help you?

Juveniles can be taken into custody for the same crimes committed by adults such as drug possession, petit theft, underage drinking, sex crimes, reckless driving, using a motor vehicle without authorization, shoplifting, and others.

We have years of experience working with Florida’s juvenile justice system in both prosecution and defense. We can help you understand the legal process and what may be in store for your child. We have handled many juvenile charges and are highly experienced in handling virtually all types of underage violations. Case types we commonly handle include:

When we appear for juvenile cases in court, we always press for rehabilitation or dismissal of the case, to get the juvenile through with as little damage as possible and to give him or her a new start.

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