School Disciplinary Hearing Lawyers

When a student is arrested, he or she can face two separate proceedings — the criminal proceeding in Juvenile or criminal court and the disciplinary hearing with the school. Students of all ages, ranging from elementary school to college, can be charged with crimes. As a parent, or as a child who has been arrested for a crime, you may be wondering about your legal options.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando, Florida, school disciplinary hearing attorneys represent students and parents throughout Central Florida. We encourage parents and students to act with urgency in these matters. We also encourage parents and students to seek legal counsel with extensive experience handling both criminal matters and school disciplinary hearings.

A Student Who Is Arrested for a Crime Will Likely Face a Disciplinary Action at School

We provide comprehensive legal services to students of all ages. While assisting with the disciplinary action hearing, we also handle the concurrent criminal issue. For example:

  • An elementary school child who punched a child on the school bus may be subjected to criminal disciplinary action as well as school disciplinary action.
  • A high school student who has been arrested for marijuana possession may qualify for Teen Court as a first-time nonviolent offender and may also be subjected to disciplinary action at school as well as a treatment plan.
  • A college student who has been arrested for drunk driving requires a knowledgeable defense attorney as well as a legal representative to assist him or her in a college disciplinary hearing. Most schools seek a full school suspension for a driving under the influence criminal charge.

The criminal and disciplinary processes can vary for each age. Some students may run the risk of being expelled or suspended from school. If the student has scholarships, the scholarships may be rescinded. As a parent, you recognize the seriousness and urgency of the matter. As your experienced attorneys, we do too. We examine all facts of the case and vigorously protect your child’s rights and future.