Orlando Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Orlando sex crime defense attorney

Sex crimes generate an emotional response from the community, law enforcement officials and the families involved. Sex crime charges can therefore lead to a lifetime of serious consequences, including a record, prison time and inclusion on the sex offender registry. Even when you are certain of your innocence, you need an experienced Orlando sex crimes lawyer who can keep the focus on the facts and on the protection of your rights.

At Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law, our skilled Orlando sex crimes defense attorneys believe that every defendant is entitled to a strong legal defense. We understand the enormous stigma that surrounds any type of sexual offense. Our legal team knows how important it is for defendants to fight back on illegitimate charges.

If you or a loved one is facing a sex crimes charge in Orange County, FL, it is crucial that you seek immediate professional legal help. The consequences for a conviction can be severe. For a fully private criminal defense consultation, please do not hesitate to contact our Orlando office today.

Sex Crimes Defense in Orange County, FL

At the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law, lawyers Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth are both former prosecutors with extensive legal experience on both sides of sex criminal law. We know the criminal justice system well and use that knowledge to protect the rights of our clients charged with:

We also know that even an innocent remark can be turned against you following sex crime charges. Our advice to all our clients is to 1) remain silent until you have spoken with a lawyer, and 2) contact a legal practitioner at Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law immediately. Why?

Even a dismissal of charges may not fully erase the humiliation and consequences of a sex crime accusation. From the moment you retain our services, we will protect your rights and use our 30+ years of combined legal experience to seek your best possible outcome. Protect your rights by contacting aN Orlando sex crimes attorney today.

Child Sex Crime Charges

Any kind of sex crime accusation involving lewd acts with minors will have serious consequences. There are serious fines and a possible prison sentence involved, not to mention the sex offender registry. Without the right legal representation, these criminal sexual charges could have a devastating impact on your life and your reputation.

Traveling to Meet a Minor

In Florida, traveling to meet a minor is a serious criminal offense that encompasses various illicit activities involving minors. This charge typically involves an individual intentionally traveling, either within the state or from outside, with the purpose of engaging in sexual activities or conduct with a minor under the age of 18.

The state’s laws are stringent, emphasizing the protection of minors from potential exploitation and harm. Convictions for traveling to meet a minor may result in severe consequences, including imprisonment, fines, and mandatory registration as a sex offender. Given the gravity of such charges, it is imperative for individuals facing allegations to seek immediate legal representation from an Orlando sex crime attorney.

Traveling to Meet a Minor – Entrapment

Most people have seen the television shows where investigators pose as underage kids looking for sex in order to lure people and expose them as “sexual predators.” The unsuspecting stars of the show travel long distances only to find out that they are part of major sting operations that sometimes involve multiple arrests.

One issue that rarely arises in these shows, however, is the possibility of entrapment or other violation of the rights of the accused. Ask yourself:

  • Were you induced by a police officer posing to be an underage person?
  • Would you have been unlikely to commit the crime if it wasn’t for the police officer inducing you in that way?
  • Was your right to privacy violated?
  • Do you feel that any of your other individual rights were violated at any stage in the process, starting from the police’s pre-arrest investigation?

If you have been charged with traveling to meet a minor and are facing the label of child sexual predator or sex offender, our Orlando sex crime defense attorneys will explore all of the ways in which your rights may have been violated. Read more about entrapment in child predator arrests on our blog.

If you feel like you are a victim of entrapment, or you have suffered any other violations to your rights, contact us, even if you have not yet been arrested. If you have reason to believe that you are being set up for a sting operation, our pre-arrest investigation services can go a long way to reduce or dismiss charges before they are even brought, or help you avoid arrest altogether.

Unlawful Use of a Computer to Solicit a Child for Sexual Conduct

Criminal charges involving the unlawful use of a computer to solicit a child for unlawful sexual conduct typically arise with sex crimes allegations, including traveling to meet a minor. This type of accusation can have serious consequences including up to 5 years in prison, a $5000 fine and up to 5 years of sex offender probation.

Law enforcement will often set up a sting or undercover operation to target adults surfing the Internet with the intent to meet a child for sex. This type of investigation has become popular among law enforcement since the television show on NBC To Catch a Predator. 

When you enlist help from an experienced sex crime defense attorney, you take a wise and important step toward minimizing the consequences of the matter.

At Moses and Rooth, our attorneys defend people throughout Central Florida who have been charged with unlawful use of a computer. If you believe you are under investigation for a sex crime, or if you have been charged with a sex crime, talk to us as soon as possible. We can help you avoid the devastating impact the charges can have on your life and your reputation.

What to Expect During the Legal Process in Florida

Being accused of a sex crime in Florida throws you into a whirlwind of emotions and a legal system you might not understand. The following are the key steps in the criminal law process:

  • Investigation—this is where the police gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build their case.
  • Arraignment—your formal introduction to the court system; here, a judge will formally read the charges against you, and you’ll enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.
  • Pre-Trial hearings—during these hearings, motions might be filed to suppress evidence the police obtained improperly or to challenge the strength of the prosecution’s case. The prosecution and defense may perform additional investigation and make document requests, commonly known as discovery.
  • Trial—if no plea bargain is reached, your case goes before a jury or judge.
  • Sentencing—If found guilty, you’ll be sentenced. The severity of the punishment depends on the specific crime, your criminal history, and state sentencing guidelines.

Florida’s legal system can be complex and time-consuming. Having a sex crimes lawyer by your side provides invaluable support and helps protect your rights at every step.

Sex Crimes Charges: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When Should I Hire a Florida Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer?

With sex crimes charges, there is no time to wait to take action. You should hire an Orlando sex crimes defense lawyer if you have already been arrested or if you believe that you are being investigated for a crime. The best thing that you can do to protect your rights, your reputation, and your freedom is to hire an Orlando sex crimes lawyer as soon as possible.

How to Prepare for Your Sex Crime Attorney Consultation

Being prepared is essential for a successful attorney consultation. Below are four steps that can help maximize your time.

1. Gather Your Documents and Evidence

Collect any police reports, witness statements, alibis, or physical evidence that can support your innocence. Providing more information helps your lawyer understand your situation and build a strong defense.

2. Write Down the Details

Create a detailed timeline of events from your perspective. Include dates, times, locations, and anyone present during the alleged incident. This detailed picture helps your lawyer identify inconsistencies in the accusation.

3. Prepare a List of Questions for Your Attorney.

Come prepared to ask questions about anything you want or need to know, including details about your legal options, potential penalties, and the lawyer’s fee structure. A knowledgeable lawyer will be happy to address any concerns you have.

4. Be Transparent

Be completely honest with your lawyer, even if it’s challenging, especially about details that may seem unfavorable. Not sharing information can hinder your defense strategy. Remember, attorney-client privilege safeguards the confidentiality of your communication.

An experienced sex crimes attorney in Orlando is your legal advisor, advocate, confidante, and shield against a complex legal system.

Should I Cooperate With a Police investigation?

As we have stated previously, it is not in your best interest to give a statement to law enforcement officers. Even if you know you are innocent, you could still say something that could be misinterpreted and used against you. Though it is entirely understandable that you may want to assist police with their investigation, you need to look out for yourself. You should not answer any questions until you have an experienced Orlando sex crimes defense attorney by your side.

What are the Penalties for Sex Crimes in Florida?

The penalties for a sex offense will depend on the specific charges in question. In all cases, sex-related offenses must be taken seriously. You could face very serious consequences. With the most serious sex-based offenses, a conviction could result in a lengthy prison sentence. You should always be represented by an Orlando criminal defense lawyer who can assess the specific charges against you and build the most sensible defense strategy.

Will I Be Required to Register as a Sex Offender?

In Florida, a person who has been convicted of a sex crime may be classified as either a sex offender or sexual predator. Florida has a long list of sexual offenses for which a conviction or a guilty plea will require registration on the sexual offender list. This is an important factor that must be considered. To find out how more about sexual offender registration and how it applies to your specific case, please contact our legal team.

What Are Some Possible Defenses Against Sex Crime Accusations?

A sex crime accusation can feel like a life sentence, but there are defenses available, including:

  • False accusation. Retaliation, jealousy, or misunderstandings can sometimes be the driving force behind accusations. Your lawyer will investigate the accuser’s motives, explore inconsistencies in their story, and build a case demonstrating your innocence.
  • Insufficient evidence. The prosecution needs to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence against you is weak or circumstantial, your lawyer will exploit these weaknesses and argue to dismiss the charges.
  • Consent. In cases where consent is disputed, your lawyer will meticulously analyze the situation and build a defense that refutes the accusation.
  • Mistaken identity: Mistakes happen, especially in heated situations. Your lawyer will fight to ensure proper identification of the accused, especially if there’s a chance of mistaken identity.

With our skilled sex crimes attorney by your side, you have options to fight these accusations and protect your future.

What Is Consent According to Florida Law?

In the context of sexual behavior, Florida law defines consent as intelligent, knowledgeable, and voluntary, excluding compelled surrender. Therefore, any sexual behavior with someone who is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or under the legal age of consent—18 in Florida, is illegal, regardless of whether the minor appears to consent.

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At Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law, our Orlando sex crimes attorneys have the skills and experience required to defend sex crimes charges. Every defendant deserves their day in court. If you were arrested for a sex offense, please do not hesitate to call us today for a confidential consultation. With an office in Orlando, we represent clients throughout Central Florida, including in Orange County, Lake County, Seminole County, and Osceola County.