High & Low Crime Areas in Orlando

Orlando, like any other city in the United States, has areas where crime is almost unheard of. On the other hand, there are areas where crime of all types is a common occurrence. If you have business or personal matters to attend to in Orlando, Florida it can be a great help to be aware of just how safe your surroundings are. Consulting crime statistics yields several relevant pieces of information about the various neighborhoods of Orlando, and about the metropolitan area itself. Let’s take a closer look at Central Florida’s high and low crime areas.

Total Crime Index in Central Florida
Red: 251 or More
Orange: 151 to 250
Yellow: 101 to 150
Green: 50 to 100
Blue: 50 or Less

What Zip Code has the Highest Crime Rate in Central Florida?

In the crime statistics map above, you can see that some of the highest crime statistics come from the zip codes closest to the Orlando city center. The neighborhoods in the 32803 zip code rank highest in central Florida for crime rate by a significant margin, with a crime index rating of 1103 (100 is average), and an extremely varied sampling of crime types, from assault to robbery to property damage.

The zip code near the Orlando city center with the lowest crime rate is 32806, with neighborhoods such as Lancaster Park and Pineloch. However, “low” is subjective, with the crime index coming in at 444 and a disproportionately high rate of robberies.

Suburbs are Safer

As you move further east, the crime rate noticeably decreases, for a variety of reasons. The highest crime rate in the eastern suburbs is to be found in zip code 32822, in neighborhoods like Starlight Ranch and Lynnwood Estates, with an index of 260. In many of these areas, however, there are isolated pockets of extremely rich homes that drive both the market index (the likelihood to spend money on security) and the crime rate up, so the rate is driven primarily by assault and robbery crimes, as opposed to more serious offenses like murder.

In the eastern suburbs and also the southern, you see primarily average or even low crime rates, with indexes at 100 or lower (again, 100 is average). It is in the south of Orlando that we find areas like Holden Heights and Pine Castle, which are in the zip code with the lowest crime rate in the Orlando metropolitan area, at an index of 17.  However, even in these areas, assault tends to be the most common crime, and as such, being watchful is always a good idea.

The lower crime rates persist as you move west across the map, though the area surrounding Ocoee, in the 34761 zip code, is an exception, with a crime index rate of 319, and residents spending almost $600,000 on security measures! These crimes, while frequent, are noticeably less violent than those in other areas, as property and larceny are by far the most common types. Areas like Silver Star, that are nearby, have much less crime, however, and the trend continues as you push north.

Assault Crimes #1 in the Apopka Area

The other noticeable high-crime area in the Orlando metroplex is in the Apopka area, to the north, and zip code 32712. Assault crimes far outstrip all other categories in this area, pushing the zip code to No. 9 on the crime index. Residents take precautions, spending nearly $700,000 on security measures, but assault is so often a crime perpetrated by strangers that it is still worth exercising extreme caution.

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