State Crimes

Criminal offenses in the State of Florida include a range of crimes, which can lead to hefty fines, incarceration, court-mandated community service, therapy and a permanent criminal record that keeps surfacing at every important phase of your life. In the State of Florida, criminal charges can be prosecuted on the State level or by the Federal Government. The most common avenue for criminal prosecution is State Court where local law enforcement conduct the majority of the investigations.

Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law, have the experience and legal skill to fight your state charges and represent you effectively at trial if necessary. We fight for your freedom at every stage of the process.

Some of these crimes, as noted by Florida law, include:

  • Substance and drug crimes: Drug crimes, including cultivation, possession, and trafficking. manufacturing, cocaine, meth, and other illegal substances are considered very serious in Florida.
  • Prescription drug abuse: Illegal possession of certain prescription drugs and prescription fraud are frequent crimes that can result in incarceration. The DEA and local law enforcement officials have been targeting pill mills and prescription drug possession for several years.
  • Driving under influence (DUI): It is easy to get caught charged with DUI. Consequences of a DUI conviction range from community service, probation, loss of driving privileges, fines, and a jail term.
  • White-collar crimes: These are typically crimes that involve non-violence and are committed for financial gains. Different types of Fraud and theft are often the most common charges considered to be white collar crimes committed by professions, office managers, business partners/owners, lawyers, doctors, financial brokers, bankers, and accountants.
  • Juvenile offenses: Youth and children charged with juvenile criminal offenses face social stigmas even after growing up including education and employment issues. Our experienced legal representation can explain the consequences of the charges and discuss all defenses to the criminal charges.
  • Violent crimes: Assault, battery, possession of firearms, and attempted murder, can lead to long prison terms, heavy fines, and a permanent criminal record. These offenses have possible enhanced sentences that need to be analyzed by an experienced criminal defense lawyer.
  • Fraud: White collar criminal charges for fraud such as mortgage fraud or insurance fraud can lead to loss of employment as well as loss of freedom. We represent hard-working individuals to ensure their rights and futures are protected.
  • Sex crimesPerhaps the most damaging part of being convicted for a sex crime is the mandatory registration as a sex offender. You face extensive fines, prison time, and a permanent stain on your record. The penalties don’t stop after serving the sentence. There will be restrictions on where you can live and work, whom you can talk to, and befriend.
  • Theft crimes: Petit theft, fraud offenses and grand theft are considered crimes involving dishonesty. The level of the crime charged may be increased by the amount of the theft and by the prior theft convictions.
  • Domestic violence: Domestic violence offenses are often treated much different than most other charges. Some of the most common differences include: a bond not being set until you see a judge the next day, not being able to return to your home, enhanced fines and counseling if convicted. Charges for domestic violence can include crimes such as false imprisonment and battery. A conviction can lead to far-reaching consequences such as loss of right to own and possess a firearm. We work hard to ensure our clients understand what they are facing and what their options are for their defense.
  • Fighting a charge after miranda rights were violatedWe will ensure your rights are protected.
  • General criminal defense: In addition to the above, we defend against a variety of other criminal offenses, including probation violations.

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