Violent Crime Defense Lawyers in Orlando

At Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law, we know that people accused of violent crimes are innocent; they are innocent until the court says otherwise. The doctrine of innocence until proven guilty applies to violent crimes as well as jaywalking. We make sure that those accused of violent crimes are afforded every right afforded them by law. We make sure the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt or our client walks free. It is the only way we know how to handle any crime.

We have been on both sides of the law, as prosecutors in Orange and Osceola Counties and as defense attorneys. Our Orlando violent crime lawyers can handle your defense in court and in front of a jury and fight for your best possible results.

Florida Statutes on Violent Crimes

Intentional violence or threat to commit violence to another person. Before the police book a person for assault, they will determine if the person is capable of committing the crime and whether the victim has sufficient cause to be fearful that the accused will commit the act in the future. Florida Statute 784.011

Assaulting another person with a deadly weapon without an intention to kill the person or an assault where the accused intends to cause a felony against the victim. Florida Statute 784.021

Touching a person without permission or touching him or her intentionally, with an intent to harm that person. Florida Statute 784.03

Causing bodily harm of a grievous nature or disfigurement or permanent disability to a victim. Florida Statute 784.041

Battery with deadly weapon(s) or intentionally causing grievous bodily harm, disfigurement or permanent disability to a victim. Battery on a pregnant woman is also considered aggravated battery when the accused had sufficient reason to believe that the victim was pregnant. Florida Statute 784.045

If the accused has taken money or property from another person intending to permanently/temporarily deprive the victim of his or her money or property and if the accused uses violence, force, fear, or assault while committing the crime. Robbery can either be first degree or second degree and it will depend on whether the accused used a weapon and the weapon used. Florida Statute 812.13

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Apart from a free initial consultation, our violent crime lawyers in Orlando also offer our clients other benefits. Here are some of them:

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Contact an Orlando Violent Crimes Defense Attorney

Convictions for violent crimes can lead to mandatory jail time. That is why you need a good Orlando violent crimes attorney by your side who can effectively present your case before the judge and jury. We will question the prosecution’s witnesses, pick holes in their arguments, see if the police have done their job properly and even examine the physical evidence.

At Moses and Rooth, we know what tactics the prosecution may use against you in the court and in front of the jury. Please contact us today for a free initial consultation.