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Orlando Shoplifting Defense Attorneys

Shoplifting is often committed on the spur of the moment, without forethought and without consideration of possible consequences. When shoplifting charges are leveled, alleged offenders are left wondering what to do, who can help and what legal penalties they may face.

The shoplifting of goods valued at $300 or less is a misdemeanor offense. The shoplifting of goods valued at $300 or more is a felony offense, which can result in harsh penalties, including jail time, fines and community service. Both misdemeanor and felony shoplifting charges can also result in driver’s license suspension.

Regardless of the options available to you based on the level of your theft charge and the number of prior offenses, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can manage your claim and advocate for your rights. At the Orlando, Florida, criminal defense law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we have handled numerous shoplifting cases and have successfully helped keep clients’ records clean and keep clients out of jail through:

  • The dismissal and reduction of charges
  • Successful court trials
  • Diversion program
  • The withholding of adjudication
  • Community service
  • Rehabilitation, therapy and counseling
  • Probation
  • Restitution (repayment)
  • House arrest and electronic monitoring

Many of our clients are kids from local high schools who steal minor items from Target and other big box stores. Other clients are tourists from other states visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, Epcot Center and MGM Studios. In many instances, we can appear at hearings for out-of-state clients so that they don’t need to return to Florida. For a no-charge consultation with an experienced theft offense attorney, contact our Orlando or New Smyrna Beach office.