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The need for assertive and aggressive defense becomes even more critical when facing charges for a federal crime. The repercussions of federal crime can follow you through life, even if you change jobs or move to another state.

Federal crime records are also more likely to come up during background checks for education, employment, and social assistance purposes. Further, the government lines up investigators, consultants, and experts it believes to be the best, to prepare a case against the defendant, making it more difficult to avoid conviction.

At Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law, we have extensive experience with federal charges against our clients. If you need more information on what you need to know when facing federal charges, contact our lawyers to learn more about that process, and how our experience can help you.

Three things to Know about Federal Criminal Charges

1. What is a federal crime?

Federal crime is an umbrella term used for an array of criminal offenses that the U.S. constitution and federal legislation has made illegal. These include, but are not limited to:

Orlando Federal Crime Lawyers

2. Who handles federal crimes?

The federal government (and not the State of Florida) is responsible for prosecuting and delivering justice in these offenses. The US Attorney’s Office brings these charges after an indictment is handed down by the grand jury.

Several federal agencies have been authorized by U.S. legislation to make investigations. These include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), U.S. Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department.

3. What makes federal crime charges so nefarious?

Often times Federal charges deliver harsher penalties than the same charges in state court. Sentencing Guidelines are notoriously draconian and enhancements for different actions associated with crimes can mean even an even more severe punishment.

Further, in federal drug crimes, the prosecution can request for the enforcement of a “mandatory minimum”, which is the nationally regulated minimum jail-term or sentence for drug offenders.

Federal Experience is Critical for your Defense

Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law have the experience and legal skill to fight your federal charges. With over two decades of experience in criminal defense, our Orlando federal crime attorneys can find mitigating circumstances, technical loopholes and legal diversions to have federal charges dismissed or reduced. If we need to, we can confidently go to trial, and fight for your acquittal.

Additionally, if you are aware of a federal prisoner who, due to health or age-related reasons, may be a candidate for compassionate release, we are ready to discuss the merits of the motion and, if possible, file the motion for early release. Give our Orlando federal crime lawyers a call today for a FREE initial consultation.