Any scheme, sent via mail or wire, which intends to fraudulently deprive a person of his or her property can be called a mail or wire fraud. There are three main elements in a mail or wire fraud. They are intent, an artifice or a scheme to defraud or otherwise obtain property by fraud, and finally, use of mail or wire communication to commit such a fraudulent act.

We understand the crisis you might be going through in case you are accused of mail or wire fraud. A mail or wire fraud charge is serious and can carry a jail term of up to 20 years or fines or both.

Why legal assistance for mail and wire fraud?

At Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law, we know it is very important that you get legal advice every step of the way.

Do not commit the mistake of trying to tackle the issue by yourself; you cannot. Quickly contact a Florida mail & wire fraud attorney for help because time is everything at this point. We understand wire and fraud cases well and we know how to put up a solid defense if your case goes to court.

Kinds of mail and wire fraud and penalties

There are many kinds of mail and wire fraud schemes: such as financial fraud, employment fraud, lottery and sweepstakes fraud, telemarketing fraud, and even fraud where older Americans become victims. The well-known Nigerian 419 scam is also a form of mail or wire fraud.

Penalties for engaging in mail or wire fraud are quite severe. If the government invokes the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), it can seize any property the accused may have used to commit the fraud such as house, vehicles, and computers.

Before you speak to a federal investigator or a prosecutor, you should speak to an experienced mail and wire fraud defense lawyer at Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law. Otherwise, you may provide information that could damage your case.

We have worked on both sides of the law, as prosecutors for Osceola and Orange County and as defense attorneys. We are aware of the tactics the prosecution may use to trap you and get a conviction against you. For sound legal advice and assistance in mail and wire fraud cases, please contact us today.