Internet solicitation of minors

The federal government takes sex crimes involving minors quite seriously. They waste no time, effort or resources in investigating and prosecuting alleged perpetrators. If you are facing charges for this crime, reach out to skilled federal criminal defense attorneys who can help.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, located in Orlando, solicitation of minors defense lawyers Andrew Moses and Jay Rooth provide dedicated, discreet representation to individuals facing federal sex crimes charges. We keep an eye on the big picture while tackling every small detail to ensure you know what you are up against and to ensure you feel confident in our services.

Not only will we seek information from the federal investigators, but we will also run our own investigation at the same time. Our goal at all times is to ensure we have as much information as possible so we can create a comprehensive defense strategy against all charges, including any additional charges such as enticement of a minor and child pornography.

Protecting You Against All Potential Consequences

Internet solicitation charges can stem from numerous online or other electronic media, including Internet services, Craigslist, BackPages and online chat rooms. As with all other federal criminal charges, a conviction for an online solicitation charge carries with it mandatory federal sentencing that includes required prison time, fines and a loss of numerous liberties.

Additionally, a conviction for solicitation charges carries even greater consequences, including sex offender registration. Even if you aren’t convicted, however, publicized allegations and charges can lead to a ruined reputation and trouble at home, at work and throughout your community. We do our best to shelter you and your family from the media during the pre-indictment investigation and every other stage of the federal criminal process.

Contact Our Florida Federal Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

If you are being investigated for or charged with solicitation of a minor, waste no time in reaching out for skilled legal advice and representation. Every extra day your defense team has to build your case and support your needs can make a difference. Contact our Florida criminal defense law firm online or call us at 407-377-0150 today to schedule your free consultation.