Pre-indictment Federal Defense

Federal investigative agencies such as the FBI, DEA, or the Secret Service have a duty to protect the nation’s interest. To enforce the rule of law, they have been given certain powers. These federal agencies investigate allegations of individuals or corporations that maybe violating federal laws.

If you are under federal investigation you maybe contacted by the Agent who is doing the investigation. DO NOT SPEAK WITH THEM. Inform the agent that you have an attorney and that they will reach out to them. You do not want to explain your side, or worse yet admit any wrongdoing. You do not want to testify at a grand jury’s proceeding without counsel.

If you are contacted by federal law enforcement, you should contact Moses and Rooth, Attorneys at Law immediately to make sure your interests are protected. If the case goes to an indictment, then we will need to fight the indictment and find cause to have evidence excluded if possible.

People in such situations often have no clue about the progress on their case. The secretive nature in which the Federal agencies work does not help either. We will not only answer any questions you may have about your case but also open a channel of communication with the government, to see the status.

Some more information on the pre-indictment process

The investigation may be for a potential tax fraud, federal drug crime violation, or for any other crime for which such investigations can be started. If you have cause to believe that you or your business is under investigation for a supposed violation of a federal law, do not waste time, reach out to us immediately. Here are some steps we will take to protect your interests before the pre-indictment process.

  • We will ask the government to release information on what they have uncovered against you.
  • We can enlist an expert on the subject matter, to protect you against the allegations.
  • We can determine if you should make statements on the investigation and counsel you on what you should say and how you should answer questions.
  • We will discuss what you stand to win or lose if you co-operate on the investigation, including polygraph tests.
  • We will discuss the potential for asset forfeiture

Contact us for Florida pre-indictment federal defense

If you are under investigation or have cause to believe you will soon be under federal investigation, act quickly and give us a call. The government should know you have counsel on board and that it should direct all comments/questions through your counsel. We can also help you avoid the media glare in such cases. At all times, we will try to minimize the consequences of the situation.

Do not wait for the government to file charges against you. Your reputation, your future, and even your freedom is at stake. We have also worked in prosecution, so we know that prosecution lawyers will not show mercy. Contact us today for a Free initial consultation.