The United States Constitution and the United States Supreme Court recognizes the right of Americans to carry guns. If you are facing firearms charges, make sure that law enforcement doesn’t take away your rights. By working with Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, you will work with an attorney who is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA) — someone who understands the importance of protecting your constitutional right to bear arms.

Lawyers at our Orlando, Florida, law firm are dedicated to building strong and effective defenses for people facing firearms charges in Florida state courts. When we take your case, we explore every possible defense based on the facts of your case and applicable laws. For example — in certain situations — using your weapon in self defense while being threatened in your home is an effective defense. We are able to use this “stand your ground law” successfully for clients in certain situations.

Consequences of Convictions for Firearms Charges

Florida law strictly controls the use of firearms. Those convicted of violating the law may face harsh consequences. For example, in Florida, it is a crime for felons to possess a firearm. People convicted of such a charge may face a three-year prison term.

The trial lawyers at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law represent people facing charges of being a felon in possession, as well as a broad spectrum of firearms charges, including the ones listed below:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Carrying a firearm improperly
  • Failing to have a proper gun permit
  • Discharging a weapon unlawfully
  • Possession of a firearm by convicted felon

Florida law also provides for weapons enhancement. Felonies — such as robbery, sexual assaults, car-jacking, murder and drug crimes — where a firearm was used, are subject to gun penalty enhancement. Those convicted face increased prison sentences.


The Florida Department of Corrections, along with the governor and the Florida Legislature, has created the toughest gun crime law in the United States: 10-20-LIFE. Under this law, felons who use firearms to commit crimes may face at least 10 years in state prison. The law also provides enhanced minimum mandatory prison terms for offenders who commit crimes with firearms.

  • If, during commission of certain felonies, an offender possesses or pulls a gun, the law mandates a minimum 10-year prison term.
  • If the gun is fired, the law mandates a minimum 20-year prison term.
  • If someone is shot and injured or killed, the law mandates a minimum of 25 years to life.