Orlando Gun Possession Defense Attorneys

If you have been convicted of a felony, you are likely aware that you cannot legally possess a firearm or ammunition in Florida. Legal penalties are strict: a conviction for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon is a three-year minimum mandatory prison sentence, with a possibility of up to five years in prison.

Criminal defense attorneys Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth have handled numerous cases involving charges of firearm possession by convicted felons, both as prosecutors and as criminal defense lawyers. We have successfully fought firearm possession charges using a variety of defense tactics, including:

  • Questioning whether police officers followed search and seizure laws. Law enforcement officials do not always follow laws governing the searching of cars, homes and persons. If your civil rights were violated, then it’s possible that the evidence against you could be suppressed.
  • Arguing you had constructive possession, not actual possession, of the firearm. Constructive possession refers to situations in which a person is “in control” of an object but does not, in fact, actually own the item. It is very difficult for the state to prove that an accused person had actual possession, not constructive possession, of a firearm or ammunition.

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