If convicted on charges of massage without a license, you are essentially facing prostitution charges and could be punished with jail time, heavy fines and other penalties. Whether you’re a massage parlor owner or a masseuse, facing these serious charges can have a profound effect on your life and your future. To fight tough prostitution charges, you will require tough and experienced legal counsel.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our team of sex crime defense lawyers protects the rights of clients throughout Central Florida. When complicated criminal charges are brought against an independent masseuse or against a massage parlor owner, our attorneys use extensive knowledge of sex crimes laws, law enforcement stings and search and seizure laws to fight back against the prosecution.

Undercover Massage Parlor Sting Operations

Law enforcement routinely uses sting operations to uncover alleged unlicensed massage parlors and massage parlor employees. If you were busted in an undercover sting operation, our lawyers can examine the facts of the case. We can explore the in-depth questions that require specific answers. For example, was the decoy officer the same officer who wrote the police report? Were you coerced by law enforcement to perform an action you otherwise would not have performed? Were your rights explained during your arrest? It is possible to have the charges thrown out if law enforcement did not follow proper procedure.

Practicing massage without a license from the state can, in some extreme cases, coincide with practicing health care without a license. This charge carries even greater penalties.