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Seal_of_Winter_Park,_FloridaWinter Park, Florida is known for its oak tree lined brick streets, vibrant Park Avenue Shopping and dining and the Rollins College Campus. Winter Park is a happening place in Central Florida with the influx of visitors rushing through on the Sun Rail train and new student’s constantly visiting Rollins college campus.

Park Avenue has more than 140 boutiques, sidewalk cafes and museums. Additionally, Park Avenue hosts seasonal art shows, concerts, exotic car shows and fashion events.

The suburban city of Winter Park has approximately 25,000 people where many commute to Downtown Orlando because of its close proximity. Even in the beautiful city of Winter Park, we have residents and visitors who are in need of legal advice. Winter Park Police Department provides strict enforcement which means you need to understand your legal rights.

When you face criminal charges, you also face two important questions: Should I hire an attorney? If I decide I need an attorney, which one should I choose?

Handling your criminal matter on your own is like handling a serious illness on your own. In each case, much is likely at stake: your health or your freedom. In each case, it makes sense to obtain professional assistance.

We Handle DUIs and Other Criminal Matters in Winter Park

The Winter Park criminal defense lawyers at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law can provide the effective and experienced legal help you need following drug chargesDUI and traffic offensestheft charges and charges involving violent crimes. Why?

  • We are experienced trial attorneys. If your case makes it to trial, we can provide assured and strategic representation.
  • We are former prosecutors. We know the justice system from a range of perspectives and can anticipate the prosecution’s strategy.
  • We have handled thousands of criminal cases. Whatever the facts of your case are, we will be familiar with effective defense tactics.

We combine results with the responsive attention both you and your case deserve. Because our rates are affordable, you don’t have to balance unreasonable fees against your need for experienced and aggressive legal help.

Whatever your criminal charge, get the legal counsel you will need by contacting Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law.

Our Winter Park Attorneys are experienced in providing legal serviced for all criminal defense cases. Our criminal defense lawyers have experience representing clients with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident, traffic offenses, theft, battery and all violence crimes. Contact one of our Winter Park criminal defense lawyers to learn how we can protect your rights and defend your case.

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