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Orlando’s Top Criminal Defense Lawyers

Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Orlando

As criminal defense lawyers, we understand the importance of finding the right legal representation for your case. You might not know where to start looking without a personal referral to one or more of Orlando’s best criminal defense attorneys.

If you’re researching online, sifting through pages of search results can be overwhelming. Many lists that rank the best Orlando criminal defense lawyers won’t provide useful referrals. These lists are often “pay-to-play,” meaning the more money an attorney spends, the higher they appear on the list.

We have worked with and referred cases to some of the top criminal attorneys in the Orlando area. We want to ensure you have reliable choices when searching for the best Orlando criminal defense attorneys.

While we are not Avvo, Yelp, or Google, we do offer a genuine perspective based on our professional experience. Read on to learn more about our firm and other options for top criminal defense lawyers in the Orlando area. If, for any reason, we cannot take your case, we highly recommend considering these exceptional alternatives.

Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law

Of course, we would include ourselves in the list of Orlando’s best criminal defense attorneys. Moses and Rooth is a highly respected criminal defense firm founded by Andrew Moses and Jay Rooth.

We’re both former prosecutors with extensive experience in criminal law. Our deep understanding of the legal system from both the prosecution and defense perspectives sets us apart, enabling us to develop unique legal strategies tailored to each client’s needs.

Furthermore, our dedication to open communication and keeping clients informed throughout the process has led to our exceptional reputation in the Orlando community.

See what our clients have to say!

10/10 Andrew Moses is a professional hard working lawyer who goes above and beyond for his clients. If you’re scared about the legal system and in a bind look no further he will give you a clear view.
veronica heissner
veronica heissner
Paul Ghezzi took his time and listened to my issue AND did exactly what he said he would do. If you want someone who will listen and follow their word, then call Paul.
Jordan Cristwell
Jordan Cristwell
Absolutely tremendous staff (Tracy was Great 👍🏾). Attorney Rooth gave me a layout of the charges I was facing and he was able to successfully fight my tickets that would've jeopardized my driving record. Highly recommended. Can't thank ya enough
Emmanuel Rogers
Emmanuel Rogers
This law firm went on a 2 year roller coaster ride with me. They kept me from going to prison. They got me into rehab. I can say for certain that I am sober and intend to stay this way. Thanks to Mr. Jay Rooth , THE ORLANDO BRIDGE, My family and friends and above all myself. I can finally close this chapter in my life. Thanks again Moses and Rooth.
robert carlin
robert carlin
A wealth of legal expertise coupled with a make it happen professional attitude is exactly what you get when you hire Attorney Paul E. Ghezzi, Esq., of Moses & Rooth, to represent you. From my initial consultation Paul exuded an air of overwhelming confidence in his ability to get the Court to grant my motion for early termination of probation. Mom always said to me that God gave us all 2 ears to listen twice as much as we talk. Paul did just that, he listened intently to my intricate predicament which is a major attribute in the legal world. Having said that, when he spoke, I hung on every word and the motion was granted. Thank you Paul. Ladies and gentlemen, to regain your peace of mind in tough legal times, get yourself a magnificently savvy go-getter type of attorney.......Call Moses & Rooth and ask for Attorney Paul Ghezzi. With Paul, failure is NOT an option!
Byrd Risner
Byrd Risner
Paul Ghezzi, ESQ. represented me for a felony criminal defense case. He was able to get my 2 felonies dismissed & arrived at a plea for a misdemeanor with minimal fine and time served. He spent the time searching through my discovery and watching body cam footage to find my defense. An iron clad one at that That left the prosecution confused on why I was getting the deal of a lifetime. His knowledge on case law, his dedication of time to his clients and his empathy are unmatched. He is even trying to help me find an attorney to help me with a case I have in another state. Above & beyond is an understatement and the retainer was more than reasonable and well worth it. As somebody whose criminal history is as tall as me I have never had a lawyer fight for me, until now. If you find yourself in the position to need a power house attorney, look no further. You found him. to put this into full view for you, a case I could have done 5 years in prison for and have been sentenced to that for similar cases in the past, he was able to get me time served (for two days I spent in county awaiting bond), less than a $1,000 fine and NO PROBATION. When I have priors. I’m going to say it again, LOOK NO FURTHER.
Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee
I have hired attorneys in the past and I have to share that I’ve never had an attorney like Paul Ghezzi from Moses & Rooth, Attorneys at Law. Paul kept in contact with us through the entire process. Paul was always available for any questions we had and was always willing to go the extra mile. From my family to you Paul you are more than just attorney your now my friend. You are so much appreciated. Thank you Paul for being you! I strongly recommend this law firm if any of these attorneys give you 50% of what Paul has done for my family you will be in great shape!
Vicente Vigil
Vicente Vigil
I had an excellent experience with Moses and Rooth. From beginning to end I felt I had trusted the right firm. Jay Rooth represented me in my case and having an attorney who was pleasant, professional, and very experienced was everything. During a stressful time, I feel much of the stress was reduced due to the fact I made a good decision going with Jay. What is also important is everyone at this office is fantastic and helpful throughout the process. Many thanks !
Erin Meaney
Erin Meaney
If I could tell Mr. Jay Rooth a million times how much I thank and appreciate him I would ! After being told by three attorneys that my case was complicated and couldn’t be turned around, I almost gave up but my last attempt to fix my situation was the best decision I could have made ! Mr. Rooth worked so efficiently to help me. His knowledge, confidence, and reassurance is truly unbelievable. He updated me, communicated with me and did not miss a beat ! I will forever be grateful, I’ve been bragging on him ever since our first conversation! 10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!!!!
Nastashia Kirkwood
Nastashia Kirkwood
Andrew is an amazing attorney. He really cares about his clients and goes above and beyond. Finding him was a blessing and my family and I will be forever be grateful to him.
Jessy C.
Jessy C.

Terry Rooth – Rooth Criminal Defense

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

Terry Rooth’s over 20 years of experience in criminal law, combined with his background as a former public defender, provide him with the skills and knowledge to excel in even the most challenging cases.

Terry’s reputation as one of the best in Orlando stems from his commitment to providing personalized attention and aggressive representation. He ensures that his clients’ rights are protected at every stage of the process. His record of securing acquittals and reduced charges in high-stakes cases attests to his skill and dedication.

Terry handles various criminal matters, from DUI/DWI and disorderly conduct charges to tourist crimes and drug trafficking. 

David Bigney – The Bigney Law Firm

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

David Bigney, a former Assistant State Attorney (ASA), has earned his place among the best Orlando criminal defense attorneys through his relentless pursuit of justice for his clients. His vast experience on both sides of the courtroom allows him to anticipate the prosecution’s moves and effectively counter their strategies.

David is also known for his compassionate approach, ensuring that each client feels heard and understood throughout their case.

The Bigney Law Firm handles DUIs, drug charges, federal crimes, sex crimes, weapon charges, and white collar crimes. 

Attorney Dan Eckhart – Dan Eckhart Law, P.A.

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

Dan Eckhart’s success as a defense attorney is rooted in his extensive background as a former federal prosecutor. His prior prosecutorial experience helps him to craft defense strategies with a deep understanding of the prosecution’s approach.

Dan is well-known for his thorough case preparation, extensive knowledge of federal and state laws, and his ability to think outside the box when developing a defense. 

During his time as Assistant Regional Counsel for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he worked on cases involving high-profile inmates, including John Gotti (Gambino Crime Family), Ted Kaczynski (Unabomber), and Tim McVeigh (Oklahoma City Bombing). Today, his firm handles a variety of criminal charges, including everything from money laundering defenses and bank fraud to drugs and sex crimes. 

Attorney Stuart Hyman – Stuart Hyman Law Offices

Firm Services | Contact Info

With over 35 years of experience, Attorney Stuart Hyman’s commitment to his clients and deep understanding of criminal law have made him one of Orlando’s top criminal defense lawyers.

His dedication to staying up-to-date on the latest legal developments and trends enables him to provide his clients with cutting-edge representation. Stuart’s reputation for meticulously dissecting every detail of a case and finding weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence has led to numerous successful outcomes for his clients.

He represents clients for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony criminal charges, including DUI and DWI, vehicular manslaughter, and drug charges.  

Attorney Tad Yates – Law Offices of Tad A. Yates, P.A.

Attorney Bio | Contact Info

Attorney Tad Yates is a respected defense lawyer. His approach to criminal matters is characterized by thorough investigation, tireless advocacy, and an unwavering commitment to his clients. His strong courtroom presence and persuasive negotiation skills have earned him the respect of both clients and peers in the legal community.

Tad has repeatedly been named one of “Florida’s Legal Elite” by Florida Trend Magazine. He has been on the “Florida Super Lawyers” list since 2011 and has an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell. 

Tips for Finding the Best Criminal Lawyers in Orlando

If you’re searching for an experienced defense lawyer, remember to consider factors such as: 

  • Communication style,
  • Success rate,
  • Related experience, and
  • Time and resources needed to represent you. 

As you navigate the complexities of your legal situation, it is crucial to have a strong advocate on your side. When you’re researching legal representation for pending criminal charges, we hope this guide assists you in finding the best attorney for your legal needs. These attorneys are professionals that we have personally worked with and referred cases to. 

The attorneys have a proven track record of fighting for their clients’ rights, achieving favorable outcomes, and providing the support needed throughout the legal process. No matter the complexity of your case, these experienced criminal defense lawyers in Orlando are well-equipped to provide the representation you need. 

Finding the right legal support is important so you can face your criminal charges with confidence. If we are unable to handle your criminal law needs, we encourage you to reach out to these attorneys for a consultation to discuss your case and determine the best course of action. 

Author Photo

Jay R. Rooth

Jay is an experienced and dedicated attorney. Whether you need help with a DUI or a more serious felony, Jay is ready to fight for you. Not only is Jay highly regarded by his peers, he’s also strongly recommended by his clients. Jay obtained his Law degree from Barry University Law School. Jay is a active member of the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, the Federalist Society, Florida Bar Association, the Orange County Bar Association, the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

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