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Seal_of_Kissimmee,_FloridaThose who visit Kissimmee and all the wonderful attractions that go along with it, sometimes have their vacations spoiled. Parts of Disney World, The Fun Spot, and Green Meadows Petting Zoo are all located in Kissimmee. All are frequented by locals and tourists alike. Even though these places are known for their family fun, encounters with the Kissimmee Police Department or Osceola Sheriff’s Office are not uncommon. Understanding your legal rights are important and making sure you have effective and aggressive legal representation is paramount.

Our Kissimmee Lawyers are experienced in handling cases in Osceola County. Both Andrew Moses and Jay Rooth were former prosecutors in Kissimmee. We have experience handling all traffic offenses including DUI, suspended licenses, and accidents. Additionally, we handle cases involving drugs, domestic violence battery cases, and any other violent crime. Contact one of our Kissimmee attorneys and we can assist you in understanding the process and protecting your rights.

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If you or a friend is in need of criminal legal services, the attorneys at Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law are available for a Free consultation and case evaluation. Contact our office to find out how we can help (407) 377-0150.