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While considered a smaller community in the Central Florida area, Apopka is home to amazing natural scenery. Wekiwa Springs State Park, Kelly Park, and Rock Springs Run are just a few places that Apopka has to offer. Additionally, the downtown Apopka area has become a hidden gem. All of this plus great BBQ  at Porkie’s, Bubbalous’s, and Keller’s. Apopka is also home to a Florida BBQ Association Contest.

Experienced Legal Defense for Residents of Apopka, FL

As central Florida criminal defense attorneys, we know that choosing a defense lawyer can be stressful, especially when you feel like the rest of your life is hanging in the balance. Our Apopka lawyers are experienced in handling arrests that originated in Apopka and surrounding areas. These include traffic cases such as driving under the influence (DUI) and driving with a suspended license (DWLS). Additionally, we handle cases involving drugs, allegations of domestic violence, fraud, and violent crimes.

If you’ve been arrested or if you’re facing criminal allegations, we encourage you to contact our Apopka criminal defense lawyers quickly, so that we can assist you in understanding the charges, and more importantly, protecting your rights.

Attorneys Andrew Moses and Jay Rooth are both former prosecutors, which gives them unique perspective and skills when it comes to fighting for reduced or dropped criminal charges. Our attorneys are ready to investigate the details of your case immediately. Contact us to learn more about how Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law can help you. We offer a fully confidential, free initial consultation. Don’t delay. The sooner we can begin working on your case, the higher the chances of obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

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