With the downturn in our economy, and the housing market in particular, it is no surprise that mortgage fraud charges are becoming more frequent in recent years. The prosecutor does not take into consideration the fact that you might have been truly desperate and needed a place for your family to live.

That is why you need an experienced, focused attorney team.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we are here to listen to your story, help you through the legal process and use our experience and focus to fight for the best outcome possible in your case. Our Orlando mortgage fraud attorneys have focused our entire careers on criminal matters. Mortgage fraud is the type of complicated criminal defense matter that requires this type of experience and skill.

Fraudulent Buyer ∙ Mortgage Fraud

There are countless forms of mortgage fraud, and they range from simply lying about income to major schemes involving multiple fraudulent transactions. The essential element that all mortgage fraud cases have in common is some kind of material misrepresentation made by the buyer to the seller. Some examples include:

  • Using a false identity for a mortgage loan application
  • Falsifying income and debt statements to qualify for a home loan
  • Intentionally defaulting on a home loan in order to purchase the home at a short sale price and sell it at full value for a profit
  • Refinancing a home or receiving government home improvement grants with no intention of doing any repairs

Whether you are facing mortgage fraud because you were looking to make a profit, have a place to live, or you were falsely accused, our attorneys can help you. Both of our lawyers are former prosecutors with a focus on criminal law.