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Category: Criminal Justice

Most Popular Legal Drama TV Series

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 12, 2017

For decades, Floridians have been watching legal dramas on television. Whether you grew up watching Perry Mason or more recently have begun watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, television shows that deal with the law are extremely popular. While…Read More

Understanding Expungements and Sealed Records

Written by Moses & Rooth on July 26, 2016

When we are young, we tend to be wild and free. Most youth do not question nor consider the impact of that their actions presently will have on their future. However, youthful bliss and its carefree nature can leave you with life altering consequences. For instance when you…Read More

That’s One Expensive…

Written by Moses & Rooth on January 18, 2016

You’re out one night at the bar looking for “friend”. You buy a girl a drink but she’s not interested. Strike one. You try Tinder, same result. Strike two. Not wanting to strike out that night, you decide to look for a “sure thing”. Maybe you decide to drive…Read More

Mandatory Minimum Sentences and Threats

Written by Moses & Rooth on November 30, 2015

Recently, a bill passed in Florida’s House that would help to get rid of some of the negative consequences associated with Florida’s 10-20-Life Law. The proposed law aims at eliminating Florida’s 10-20-Life policy as a penalty for aggravated assault cases. These cases involve threatening…Read More

Understanding Your Probation Term in Florida

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 19, 2015
Florida Probation

If you have been charged with a crime, one of the best outcomes you can hope for is a term of probation in lieu of jail time. Unfortunately, the terms of your probation may be complicated and one misstep may compromise your eligibility to remain on probation. Understanding your responsibilities…Read More

Tracing the Steps of a Florida Criminal Case

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 15, 2015

Being arrested, especially a first arrest, can be a terrifying process. The worry of what will happen next can be overwhelming. Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney can not only provide needed legal representation, but also ease your mind when you know your case is in capable hands. If…Read More