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Category: Gun Laws

Florida’s Red Flag Gun Law: What You Need to Know

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 14, 2019

Red flag gun laws have gained wide publicity in light of recent mass shooting events around the country. Red flag gun laws allow state courts to order the confiscation of guns from individuals the court deems to be a risk. President Trump recently called for a federal red…Read More

Summary of Proposed Changes to Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Written by Moses & Rooth on January 4, 2018

Under the Second Amendment, gun owners have the right to bear arms. They also have certain rights depending on the state they live in. Every state allows concealed carry, which means that you can carry concealed weapons—to some degree. You are typically banned from bringing guns to schools,…Read More


Written by Moses & Rooth on January 27, 2017


Florida’s controversial stand your ground statute may be getting an update.  The “stand your ground” law allows people to use deadly force when they feel it is necessary to prevent death or great bodily harm and they do not have a…Read More

State of Emergency and Concealed Carry

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 6, 2016

Hurricane Party SignI’m sitting here in my office waiting for Hurricane Matthew to make a decision as to where in Florida it is going to hit or I suppose if it will head east and never make landfall here. As I’m sure…Read More

The Future of Open Carry in Florida

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 28, 2015

The number of states with bans on open carry laws may go down. Florida may soon have an open carry law after the controversial bill cleared its first hurdle on Tuesday. The bill passed through the Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee by an eight to four vote. There are…Read More

Concealed Weapon Permit: Affirmative Defense to Concealed Weapons Charges

Written by Moses & Rooth on August 12, 2015

In Florida, if you have been charged with a crime, you have an opportunity to plead an affirmative defense. An affirmative defense is an assertion that, if true, will defeat the prosecution’s complaint, even if the allegations set forth in the complaint are true. In short, even if everything written…Read More

Penalties and Enhancements

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 5, 2015
Orlando Violent Crime Defense Attorneys

Dangerous Weapons Offenses in Florida

Florida has one of the toughest gun control laws in the country. The controversial “10-20-Life” model assigns a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 10 years for when an offender possesses or pulls a gun during the commission of certain crimes. Mere possession of a firearm or…Read More

What Weapons Can I Carry to Protect Myself?

Written by Moses & Rooth on April 6, 2015
Orlando Gun Charges Defense Lawyers

What Weapons Can I Carry to Protect Myself?

Everyone should have the right to protect themselves, however, if you are carrying certain weapons or using a weapon in a certain manner you may find yourself facing criminal charges. If you have questions about the legal use and carrying of a weapon…Read More