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Are Florida Campuses Becoming the Wild, Wild West? A Glimpse at Florida’s New Gun Laws

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 22, 2015

The Florida House Criminal Justice Subcommittee and the Senate Criminal Justice Committee passed a bill that would allow college students to carry guns on college campuses. If the bill becomes a law, then students, faculty and employees with gun licenses will be able to legally carry concealed handguns on college campuses. This bill has become a heated topic of debate in Florida. Some are arguing that handguns would allow for self-defense while others feel that it is a recipe for disaster. Regardless of any feelings toward the bill, students should weigh the potential implications of carrying a weapon on campus.

What Would the New Gun Law Allow?

Currently, Florida gun law prohibits students from carrying handguns on college campuses. However, employees, students and faculty members are able to carry non-lethal defensive weapons such as stun guns or nonlethal electric weapons. The new law would allow students and faculty members with the proper permits the ability to bring handguns on campus.

If the bill becomes a law, students who are interested in carrying handguns on campus will have to undergo a background check. It will be imperative for students who wish to carry concealed weapons to abide by rules regarding background checks. Those who fail to meet necessary deadlines but still carry guns may experience negative consequences that could potentially hurt their future. As such, students who are interested in carrying a gun on campus must ensure that they have taken the proper precautions outlined in the law as well as in their school’s gun codes.

Implications of Allowing Guns On College Campuses

Supporters of the bill stress that the purpose of the law is to keep campuses safe in the event of a mass shooting or other major occurrence. However, one concern is the effect that the added guns will have on students’ futures. Colleges are filled with students who are often in high-stress situations or involved in recreational drinking and drugs. Opponents fear that this combination could have disastrous effects. An accidental touch of the trigger could land a student with a bright future in jail.

It is argued that those who wish to commit a crime with a handgun will do so regardless of whether there is a law that allows them to carry a gun. However, another bill that has passed would make it a misdemeanor to fire a weapon in a heavily populated area for celebratory or recreational purposes. Thus it is imperative that if either of these bills become law, students take proper precautions to ensure their guns are locked when in a heavily populated area. A student would not want to face misdemeanor charges for accidentally discharging a firearm.

Do You Have Questions About Your Gun Rights?

If you have any questions regarding how Florida’s gun laws affect your gun rights or are currently facing illegal gun possession charges, you should speak with an attorney. Our lawyers at Moses & Rooth keep themselves apprised of the new drug laws and drug charges affecting Florida residents. Contact us for your free consultation by calling 407-377-0150.

Rooth keep themselves apprised of the new drug laws and drug charges affecting Florida residents.

Contact us for your free consultation by calling 407-377-0150.

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