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Florida Police Arrest 23 Child Predator Suspects

At the end of September, Florida law enforcement officials arrested 23 suspected child predators and human traffickers. The arrests came after the police engaged in a four-day sting operation. During the sting operation, the officers used popular online phone applications to pretend to be underage children. Police officers called the sting operation “Operation Intercept VII.” Law enforcement officers arrested...

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Possible Criminal Charges for Dani Mathers for Fat Shaming

Dani Mathers is a model who appeared in Playboy in May 2014 and was the 2015 Playmate of the Year. Ms. Mathers would like her current fame and trending status to be limited to her affiliation with the gentleman’s magazine. Unfortunately for Ms. Mathers she is in the news for something entirely different. It turns out that Ms. Mathers...

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