| Read Time: 2 minutes | Domestic Violence

When Domestic Abuse Victims are too Afraid to Speak Up

If you ask the typical Orlando-area police officer what scenario they fear most while on-duty, their answer probably will not be “taking down a drug dealer” or responding to a mass shooting. Instead, the officer may tell you their greatest fear is responding to a domestic violence call. And with good reason: According to the FBI, 136 police officers...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Criminal Defense

Crimes that Result in Deportation

For many, the United States is a country that represents freedom and opportunity. This is especially so for those who are from developing countries trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Though your intentions may be good, in Florida, you can potentially get involved in situations that are considered crimes. Though these crimes vary, when...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Immigration

Immigration Concerns in Florida: What if You Have Been Charged With a Crime?

Florida has one of the most diverse populations in the country; there are people from all over the world that travel to and live here. For individuals that immigrated to the United States from a different country lawfully and either hold visas or have become permanent residents, staying here is of paramount concern. The commitment and ultimate conviction of...

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