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Category: Probation Violation

Understanding Expungements and Sealed Records

Written by Moses & Rooth on July 26, 2016

When we are young, we tend to be wild and free. Most youth do not question nor consider the impact of that their actions presently will have on their future. However, youthful bliss and its carefree nature can leave you with life altering consequences. For instance when you…Read More

Understanding Probation Violation in Florida

Written by Moses & Rooth on January 25, 2016

In Florida, a probation violation happens when a criminal defendant willfully violates the condition of his or her probation. Probation proceedings are different than ordinary criminal cases. They have a lower standard of proof and do not have the same procedural and constitutional protections a defendant will have in…Read More

Understanding Your Probation Term in Florida

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 19, 2015
Florida Probation

If you have been charged with a crime, one of the best outcomes you can hope for is a term of probation in lieu of jail time. Unfortunately, the terms of your probation may be complicated and one misstep may compromise your eligibility to remain on probation. Understanding your responsibilities…Read More