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Is Resisting Arrest a Felony in Florida?

Resisting arrest is one form of obstruction of justice. Police often charge people with this offense—sometimes justifiably and sometimes not. And because resisting arrest crimes almost always involve resisting the efforts of police officers, they are prosecuted vigorously. But is resisting arrest a misdemeanor or felony? The answer is it can be both. If you or someone you love...

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A Florida Man Faces Possible Hate Crime Charges

A man is facing hate-crime charges after authorities allege he broke into and vandalized an Islamic center in North Palm Beach Florida. Authorities brought hate crime charges against the 27-year-old defendant alleging he targeted the Islamic Center of Palm Beach. The defendant was charged with burglary of a dwelling and damaging property at a religious center. Later the defendant...

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Are Some Problem Florida Law Enforcement Officers Still on the Job?

As a society we like to think that we can place our trust in law enforcement officers to not only protect us, but also our loved ones – and in the vast majority of situations Florida police officers rightly earn this trust. However, the Herald-Tribune recently released an investigative report that, if proven true, has unearthed some very frightening...

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