| Read Time: 4 minutes | Drug Charges

DUIs and Marijuana in Florida

Being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) of marijuana can be frustrating. Attitudes about marijuana are changing across the country. But in Florida, cannabis is still illegal for recreational use. Medical marijuana is legal, but you are still not allowed to drive while high. You can get a DUI for weed, even if you have a prescription to...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Domestic Violence

Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Florida?

If you are arrested for domestic violence in Florida, we understand that you face a range of fears and uncertainties. Along with all these challenges, by its nature and definition, facing a charge of domestic violence means personal relationship upheavals. You also have significant legal issues at hand, and your immediate question may be, Is domestic violence a felony?...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | DUI

How Much Does a DUI Lawyer Cost in Florida?

The Cost of a DUI Cannot Be Measured in Dollars Alone. Florida’s DUI law permits a sentencing judge to send a person to jail for a first-time DUI, even if you have no other criminal record. Notwithstanding, most people convicted of a first-offense DUI do not go to jail unless they were sentenced for DUI manslaughter or causing a...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Probation Violation

My First Probation Violation—What Am I Facing?

If you have been charged with a probation violation, you may be wondering what to do from here. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney at Moses & Rooth to challenge your probation violation today: 407-449-1538 Every year, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States receive probation sentences.  A failure to comply with the conditions of your...

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Drug Charges

Finding a Lawyer for Possession with Intent to Distribute Charges

Facing a drug charge can be daunting. Being convicted of a drug charge is life-changing. In Florida, possession with intent to distribute is a serious crime that is subject to heavy penalties. Not only do you face prison time and fines, but as a convicted felon, you lose your right to vote and own a firearm. You may also...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Orlando News

Local Criminal Defense Attorneys Representing Capital Rioter

Local Man Identified in Images from Scene at Capitol Adam Johnson, aka “Lectern Guy”, has quickly become internet infamous.  For those not familiar, Mr. Johnson, was not only one of the people who took part in last weeks riots, but he is also the one who posed with Speaker Pelosi’s lectern.             According to the Statement of Facts Mr....

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Scholarship

Announcing the 2020 Legal Scholarship Winner

We’d like to say thank you to all those who took the time to submit applications for our legal scholarship. After carefully reviewing all of them, we are pleased to announce the winner of our 2020 scholarship. Glenn Korman Congratulations! Glenn graduated from Boston University, Summa Cum Laude, majoring in International Relations and minoring in Political Science. He’s now...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Sex Crimes

Title IX Updates

  Guilty until proven innocent.  Forget due process, it barely exists.  Cross-examination of your accuser, forget about it.  Am I speaking about the criminal justice system in Russia?  No, I am speaking about the Title IX hearing held on college campuses around the country for allegations of sexual misconduct.  Let me repeat that last part, “allegations of sexual misconduct”....

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Politics

Top Ten Thoughts on Coronavirus (Legal Edition)

10.  Lawyers don’t seem to understand that the quarantine doesn’t mean the dress code goes out the door.  I know working from home is new for us attorneys and appearing via video conference is foreign, but did it really take a judge to write a letter regarding appropriate work attire.  For some reason there were lawyers appearing on video...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Federal Crimes

COVID-19 and Getting Out of Prison

Many things are lacking in Florida’s correctional system, but maybe none more glaring right now than there is no mechanism to release non-violent offenders who are at high risk of developing complications due to COVID-19.  Currently, there is no way for an attorney to request judicial screening for a just and humane amendment to a sentence, and no way...

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