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Category: Criminal Defense

Florida lawmakers work to reform juvenile sentencing laws

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 27, 2013

The high-profile national advocacy organization Campaign for Youth Justice has singled out Florida’s criminal justice system as choosing to adjudicate more cases involving teen defendants in adult criminal courts than any other state’s justice system. It has deemed Florida’s aggressive approach to be a “clear outlier” among states who charge…Read More

Fines, Fines, Fines, Can I Pay These Criminal Fines

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 17, 2013

Increasingly as cities feel the economic crunch of the current financial crisis, they begin turning to raising permits, taxes, and  fines. Criminal fines have also risen. When someone is accused of a crime and pleads guilty or no contest or even convicted, they may be assessed criminal fines or have…Read More

Florida woman accused of embezzling from employer

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 25, 2013

A Florida woman has been accused of embezzling $190,000 from her employer. Police state that she was purportedly overpaying herself and also endorsing checks from the office in order “to make personal credit card payments.”  She is now charged with felony grand larceny.

Though the woman apparently works for a medical…Read More

Those hiring forensics experts may influence their conclusions

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 21, 2013

When individuals are accused of committing criminal activity, their attorneys must oftentimes hire experts to refute claims made by the prosecution and to ultimately prove the innocence of the accused. Similarly, when trying to disprove an individual’s criminal defense strategy, prosecutors also must oftentimes hire expert witnesses to support…Read More

Important bite mark evidence ruling handed down

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 17, 2013

Sometimes a single judge ruling in a solitary case can influence other judges all over the nation to follow his or her lead. Recently, criminal defense and criminal justice advocates hoped that a judge in New York would rule in such a way that a domino effect of similar…Read More

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