| Read Time: 3 minutes | Robbery

Strong-Arm Robbery Charges in Orlando, FL

If you have a robbery charge or the police suspect you committed a robbery, your freedom is at risk. Even if the charges don’t involve a weapon, a conviction for a strong-arm robbery still carries a severe penalty. You will need a lawyer who can meet the challenges you face head-on to help safeguard your future.  The Orlando criminal...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Bad Check

How Much Jail Time Can You Get for Bad Checks?

If you have a checking account or a debit card, chances are you’ve written a check or used your debit card when your account was running low. It happens to almost everyone. That’s a mistake, not a crime. Bouncing a check is a crime when you know that your account has no funds or you use fake checks to...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Domestic Violence

What Happens When You Get a Domestic Violence Charge?

Heated arguments sometimes happen between domestic partners. People say and do things in the heat of the moment that they ultimately regret. A domestic violence charge sometimes arises out of these disputes. Unfortunately, calling the police to settle the dispute often leads to one person finding themselves under arrest—even if no physical assault occurred. It is important to know...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Domestic Violence

Explaining Domestic Battery Charges in Florida

If you or a loved one faces charges for domestic battery in Florida, you might be worried about what could happen. Fear of the unknown is perfectly natural. Finding the right domestic battery defense lawyer for you may help ease your mind. Having an experienced, successful, and dedicated defense lawyer who has handled numerous battery and domestic violence cases...

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| Read Time: 4 minutes | Criminal Defense

Reckless Driving In Florida Charges: Meaning, Penalties and Defenses

If you’ve picked up a reckless driving ticket in Florida, you might be wondering what kind of trouble you’re facing. A reckless driving conviction can lead to major legal difficulties, and you could suffer terrible consequences in your personal life as well.  Fighting your reckless driving charge with the help of an experienced traffic defense lawyer can help you...

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| Read Time: 3 minutes | Drug Charges

What Are The Penalties For A First-time Possession Charge In Florida?

Being charged with a crime in Florida is a scary and uncertain time in a person’s life, especially for someone who has no prior criminal history. You probably have a variety of questions. Fortunately, we have the answers.  At Moses and Rooth, we are former state prosecutors who have practiced criminal law throughout our entire careers. Our extensive experience...

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| Read Time: 6 minutes | DUI

DUI Manslaughter in Florida

Accidents and mistakes are normal parts of life, but some are certainly a bigger deal than others. If you found yourself driving intoxicated, that is already enough cause for serious concern. If you caused a fatal accident while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may be faced with the charge of DUI manslaughter in Florida. This...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Orlando News

Florida Felons Win Their Voting Rights Back….or Did They??

On November 6, 2018 Florida voters approved a constitutional amendment which automatically restores the right to vote to 1.4 million individuals with felony convictions. Amendment 4 (Initiative Information) restores the right to vote for people with felony convictions upon completion of the terms of their sentence, including probation and parole.  The amendment does not apply to individuals convicted of...

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| Read Time: 5 minutes | Criminal Defense

A Legal Guide for Florida Spring Breakers: Know Before You Go

CC image by Ekaterina Vladinakova at Flickr If you’re heading to Florida for spring break in 2019, the sunshine and warm water may not be all that you encounter. In fact, spring breakers are notorious for getting into legal trouble – typically for things like underage drinking. Before you go, here are a few laws and safety tips that...

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| Read Time: 2 minutes | Sex Crimes

He’s Krafty and He Gets Around

By now you know that the Jupiter Police Department has been conducting a human trafficking and prostitution sting, specifically targeting different day spas. It appears that investigation spanned Palm Beach, Martin, and Orange Counties and that the investigation proceeded over a period of eight months. Unfortunately, this type of investigation and arrest of the owner and those frequenting the...

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