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Law enforcement agencies targeting drug crimes in Central Florida make another major bust. These Law enforcement agencies shut down another synthetic marijuana and K2 operation. (this drug is also referred to as “Spice”) Local law enforcement along with Drug Enforcement agency (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have all been collaborating to target these similar operations. These agents not only attempt to shut down the distribution but also track the finances and the original source of the chemicals. With the explosion in popularity among teens and young adults, these packaging and distribution operations have proven to be quite profitable. As an Orlando criminal attorney, I have seen these synthetic drugs spread throughout the local community at an amazing pace. Many of the users are misinformed and mislead into thinking this is an innocent activity. This specific synthetic marijuana manufacturing operation was tucked away inside an old doughnut shop near Ocala.

Chemical sprays which are often times purchased overseas are sprayed on herbs that then create a similar effect of marijuana. These dangerous chemicals are entering the country without government approval. Many of the stores selling the drugs attempt to conceal the drugs as incense. During the arrest in Central Florida deputies found bales of the synthetic drugs, scales, paraphernalia, packaging material, several cement mixers for the preparation of the drugs and over 11,000 packages of the K-2.

Several members of the local law enforcement agencies throughout central Florida have targeted these operations and are working to shut down these synthetic marijuana and K2 operations.

Source: http://touch.orlandosentinel.com/#section/1229/article/p2p-77436870/

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Andrew has been practicing criminal law his entire career. After graduating from law school he began working as an Assistant State Attorney prosecuting cases in Orange and Osceola Counties. During his time as an Assistant State Attorney, Andrew handled all types of cases ranging from misdemeanors to such serious felonies as drug trafficking and armed robbery. His experience as a prosecutor helped him gain perspective of the criminal justice system and how the government established its cases.

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