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Orlando Marijuana Defense Attorneys

For a short time, it was legal to sell, buy and smoke synthetic marijuana. Now, sales and possession of synthetic marijuana (also called spice or K2) is illegal. If convicted of drug charges involving synthetic marijuana, you could face serious penalties, including jail time.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando synthetic marijuana defense lawyers protect the rights of individuals throughout Central Florida. If you are a smoke shop owner charged with selling synthetic marijuana, or if you have been charged with possession of synthetic marijuana, you need effective defense to fight the charges and avoid jail. The defense attorneys at our firm provide the effective defense you need.

Charged With Synthetic Marijuana Possession? Act Fast.

As former prosecutors now focusing solely on criminal defense, we stress to our clients that time is of the essence in drug crimes cases. When we become involved in your case in a timely manner, we are given an opportunity to evaluate the details of your case and analyze all evidence pertaining to the case. We have experience with various legal components related to drug crimes, including traffic stops, search and seizure law, interrogations and law enforcement interaction. Whenever possible, we attempt to have evidence thrown out based upon unlawful conduct by law enforcement.

Whether we are negotiating a plea bargain or fighting fiercely for you at trial, we are dedicated to protecting your rights and future. Synthetic marijuana only recently became an illegal controlled substance. The nation as a whole has been cracking down on its use.