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Orange County Commissioners vote on Pain Clinic Regulation

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 6, 2012

Orange County Commissioners voted to limit and regulate where new pain management clinics can open.  New pain clinics will now be restricted to industrial zoning areas.  These new restrictions were recommendations based upon Orange County’s prescription drug task force and is an attempt to limit prescription pill abuse.

Clearly, prescription drug abuse is an epidemic not only in Orlando but throughout the state of Florida and the country.  This abuse has caused a spike in arrests for drug trafficing as well as doctor shopping.  As a criminal defense attorney practicing in Orlando I see the dangers of these drugs and their addictive nature.  Perhaps limiting these clinics to industrial zoning areas will prohibit a potential blight to the community that they otherwise would have moved into but I am not sure how it will reduce the amount of drugs in the system or their abuse.

If commissioners in Orange County or Orlando want to see a decrease in prescription drug abuse try making it easier for those who want help for their addiction to get it.  Increase education of the addictive nature of these drugs before it becomes an issues.

Zoning restrictions seem to have an out of sight out of mind attitude.

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