Possessing a drug that you purchased with a prescription does not necessarily mean that you are in lawful possession of that drug. Drug prescriptions are not lawful under some circumstances. For possession of a prescription drug to be legal, among other things, the drug needs to come from a valid prescription, based on real symptoms properly diagnosed and approved by a duly licensed doctor.

Many people — whether for financial gain from illegal sale of prescription drugs or because of addiction issues — try to cheat the process by “doctor shopping.” Doctor shopping is essentially withholding information from a practitioner and obtaining a prescription for a similarly obtained prescription drug within 30 days.

At Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, our Orlando doctor shopping defense lawyers are former prosecutors with more than 30 combined years of criminal law experience. We can help fight against these charges to minimize the fines, jail time and other penalties that you could be facing.

Fraudulent Representations

Any kind of fraudulent representations to obtain prescription drugs are illegal:

  • Illegally verified prescriptions — having someone other than a valid doctor sign a prescription
  • Prescription pad theft — taking the prescription pad from the doctor’s office and falsely writing prescriptions
  • Illegally copied prescriptions — “pharmacy shopping” — making illegal copies of a prescription and having that prescription filled at multiple pharmacies

How an Experienced Orlando Doctor Shopping Defense Attorney Can Help

We have handled many cases involving prescription drug charges including prescription fraud and doctor shopping. We can work diligently to protect your rights and to have your charges dismissed or reduced. When evidence is overwhelming, we can argue for leniency based on substance abuse issues and other factors. Call 407-377-0150 for experienced and aggressive legal help following drug charges.