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Orlando Prescription Drug Sale Defense Lawyers

Many drugs are deemed too dangerous to be sold over the counter. Possible side effects like loss of judgment and potential for addiction cause these drugs to require a prescription from a duly licensed doctor for legal sale. However, because people use these drugs for recreational purposes or to feed their addictions, illegal sale of prescription drugs is becoming an increasingly common crime.

Florida and other government entities are clamping down hard to stop the illegal sale of prescription drugs. If the police catch you illegally selling prescription drugs, you could face serious fines and incarceration. It is important to note that the government can bring the charge of possession with intent (to sell) or drug trafficking charges against you even without evidence of any actual sale of prescription drugs.

Possession With Intent

Possession with intent is a separate charge, more serious than simple possession, alleging that your purpose is to deliver and sell the prescription drug. The authorities establish these charges by observing a drug transaction or through circumstantial evidence that the intent was to sell/deliver the prescription drugs. Circumstantial evidence established by law enforcement may include:

  • The packaging
  • Weight/quantity of the drug
  • The amount of cash you have on your person at the time
  • Scales, baggies and other paraphernalia

Prescription Drug Trafficking

When the amount of the prescription drug exceeds a certain weight, the state can bring the charge of trafficking. The weight of the drug required to rise to the level of a trafficking charge is remarkably low. Experienced criminal representation is required to fight these charges. If the police catch you illegally selling prescription drugs, you could face serious fines and incarceration.

Contact Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law. Our Orlando prescription drug sale attorneys are former prosecutors, and we have focused exclusively on criminal justice matters throughout our careers. We will help you minimize the damage that illegal sale of prescription drug charges can have on your life and future.

As former prosecutors, our lawyers understand prescription drug charges from both sides. We have a wealth of experience and understanding regarding some of the most important aspects of the criminal trial process:

  • Charges: We recommend contacting us soon after your arrest.
  • Plea bargaining: When appropriate, we work with you and the prosecutor’s office in negotiating a favorable resolution.
  • Trial strategies: When cases go to trial, we have the experience from both sides of the criminal justice process to know how to win.
  • Sentencing: We know the minimum and maximum penalties that judges will sentence those who are convicted of illegal sale of prescription drugs.