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Seminole County Sex Sting…Again

Written by Moses & Rooth on March 24, 2014

Seems like every other month law enforcement is conducting another undercover child-sex sting operation.  This occurs so often you would think that the police are making money off these cases.  Well they are, or at least obtaining money to run these programs.  This time it was conducted in Seminole County and 26 men were arrested in “operation safenet“.

As we have said in previous posts, nobody wants children to get hurt.  Nobody wants children to be molested.  No one is advocating any type of sexual abuse of children.  However, it has been my experiene that these type of cases originate with men on adults only dating websites.  They are responding to advertisements or personal ads that indicate that the person is 18 years of age or older.

These “to catch a predator” type sting operations are catching many people that have never been in trouble before.  Most of the time they are not arresting prior sex offenders, but are catching men that but-for the government’s action would most likely never be in these situations.

It is important that our children are protected.  Child sexual abusers need to be prosecuted.  However it is important that our government is not just catching people who fell for their ruse.

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