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Drug trafficking charges in Florida can result in serious consequences. Minimum sentences for drug trafficking, depending on the amount, can range from three to 25 years. Just being charged, innocent or guilty, can ruin your reputation and be expensive in numerous ways. In addition, under RICO, which is the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, your assets and even your home could potentially be seized if suspected of being purchased with drug money or through drug activity.

A good defense is a must if you are charged with possession, conspiracy or trafficking narcotics or drugs. You will need an attorney who is willing and able to challenge the evidence and accusations presented by the prosecution team. An aggressive defense may be the only chance you have of keeping your life intact.

An employee of an Orlando car dealership is about to face a battle of his own. The owner of the car lot was arrested earlier this year in a cocaine trafficking case. His arrest apparently set off a three-month investigation into the car dealership’s activity.

After compiling a 61-page criminal complaint, officials obtained search warrants for the car dealership and the employee’s home. Allegedly, DEA agents had been recording conversations on the employee’s cell phone. In one conversation, he supposedly said that “business was good,” and it is alleged that he was referring to the cocaine business.

The owner of the company was said to have been using the cars, as well as the floor of the business, to hide cocaine. When the raid took place, approximately 20 cars were seized from the business. They were towed out of the shop.

The employee is also accused of traveling to Miami with funds in excess of $146,000 to try to buy 8 kilograms of cocaine. He had allegedly set up additional businesses in Orlando, such as an insurance company, real estate investment group and a chiropractic office. There was no mention at this time as to whether these businesses are there for the purpose of any illegal activity.

Source: wftv9.com, “DEA: Orlando car dealership used to traffic cocaine,” June 24, 2014.

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