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Florida makes selling marijuana devices illegal

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 21, 2013

Earlier this month, Florida legislators effectively enacted a bong ban. What does this piece of legislation mean practically for Floridians? Essentially, it is now illegal to intentionally sell devices used to facilitate the enjoyment of marijuana. Though violations of this device distribution ban will not be punished as severely as other drug crimes are, it will place certain businesses and various individuals on probation in a precarious position.

Though it may not be a craft that appeals to everyone, creating glass pipes, bongs and other “marijuana devices” is considered to be an art by various members of the community. Those who make their livelihood or otherwise express themselves through creating and selling these devices will be significantly affected by the passage of this law.

Individuals on probation and various business owners should be aware that intentionally selling devices for use with illegal drugs such as marijuana is now a criminal misdemeanor offense. If someone is convicted of a repeat offense, that infraction will be treated as a third degree felony and will likely result in serious consequences.

Opponents of the law are frustrated for many reasons, not least of which is the likelihood that parole or probation violators caught selling these devices will likely end up in prison, which costs taxpayers money. In addition, crimes that truly harm Floridians are in much more dire need of the attention of law enforcement than bong sales are. However, now that the law has been passed, Floridians must simply navigate it as best they can.

Source: Reason.com, “Florida Just Made It a Crime to Sell Bongs, Glass Pipes, Etc.,” Mike Riggs, June 18, 2013

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