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A motorcycle accident happened in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida, in which a biker, who was later determined to be under the influence at the time, crashed into two pedestrians. The pair was from Ohio, visiting town and watching the Biketoberfest, which is a local motorcycle rally. The couple was seriously injured, though they survived, and the biker has just been given four years since he had multiple DUI convictions.

The accident, which happened near nine in the evening, was out on S. Atlantic Avenue. It appears that the biker was riding south and people were standing on the side of the road, waiting for the signal to change so that they could cross. For some reason, the biker veered off of the road and slammed into the people near the crosswalk. Witnesses who saw the accident confirmed that that is how it took place.

After the crash, the couple was quickly taken by emergency crews to Halifax Health Medical Center, which is located in Daytona Beach. There, they underwent numerous surgeries.

Not only was the man deemed to be under the influence, but he also had a license that had been suspended, and he did not have the proper motorcycle endorsement on that license. He could have gotten up to five years, but he was given just four.

Those with multiple DUI offenses who are arrested after an accident really need to know what legal options they have going forward. They should always keep in mind that everyone deserves a fair trial and that everyone has a right to a punishment that is just and in keeping with local laws.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Biker gets four years in state prison for DUI crash that injured 2 tourists” Kevin P. Connolly, Sep. 16, 2014

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