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Criminal records harm you wherever you go. You are automatically looked at in society with a stigma of dishonesty or as a violent person. However, when you have been accused of robbery, you do not get to choose which stigma follows you. Usually you are liable as both untrustworthy and violent. What happens when you have been falsely accused or the level of taking was not as serious a crime as robbery itself? If you or a loved one have been charged with robbery, no matter the degree, it is beyond beneficial to seek legal representation. Contact an experienced Florida criminal law attorney today for an initial consultation.

Robbery: The Crime and Possible Defenses

According to Florida Statute Section 812.13, robbery means the taking of money or other property from a person, with the intent to either permanently deprive the person of their money or other property with the use of force, violence, assault, or putting the person in fear. In simpler terms, if you are charged with robbery, a prosecutor must show that there was a taking of property, that force was used to take that property, and that you had the intent to take that property and to never give it back to the owner. If these elements can be established then you may be convicted of robbery.

If convicted of robbery, the consequences can be steep. In Florida a robbery charge can get you imprisoned for 15-30 years as well as fines, depending on if you had a weapon when the robbery was committed or if you are a felon. Though overwhelming, you may have possible defenses. Defenses can be in the form of consent; a claim of right defense where the taker believed in good faith that he or she was the owner of the property, or if no force or weapon was used or if there was no taking from the person then the robbery charge can be considered a lesser offense charge. Because of the many defenses you may have available to you as well as the severity of a robbery charge and conviction, it is invaluable to seek legal advice.

Need Legal Advice?

Being charged with robbery is a serious offense that has several serious consequences that follow if you are convicted of robbery. Though you may feel hopeless, contacting the right attorney could possibly get your case dismissed or mitigate your punishment, though each case is different. That is why it is important, that if you or a loved one have been charged with robbery, contact Moses & Rooth Attorneys at Law at (407) 377-0150 for a free consultation. As former prosecutors, we will not miss details when defending you.


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