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Category: Sex Crimes

Jury Acquits Cop Accused of Rape

Written by Moses & Rooth on October 15, 2015

A jury has decided to acquit a Boynton Beach cop who allegedly threatened to kill a woman’s family if she did not perform a sexual act. Had the policeman been convicted of the sex crime, he would have faced up to life in prison. Throughout the proceedings the policeman…Read More

Child Pornography: “I Didn’t Know She Was a Minor”

Written by Moses & Rooth on August 27, 2015

We live in an age of technology where most of our communication now occurs electronically through social media and messaging applications. It can be hard to know who people really are beyond the online persona that they have created. When online, a person can be whoever they want to be,…Read More

Implications of Failing to Register as a Sex Offender in Florida

Written by Moses & Rooth on July 14, 2015
Sex Offender Defense

Implications of Failing to Register as a Sex Offender in Florida

Being a registered sex offender has a tremendous impact on a person’s social, personal, emotional, and professional life. Conviction of most, if not all, sex-related crimes, will require a person charged with the crime to register as a sex offender…Read More

Florida man with extensive record assaults girl in Walmart

Written by Moses & Rooth on July 15, 2014

A man in Florida who has a list of arrests for sex crimes has recently found himself facing more charges after he allegedly touched a girl while in a local Walmart. Most recently, the man was allowed to leave prison in the summer of 2013. This event could end up…Read More

2 Orlando men accused of running a prostitution ring

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 13, 2014

Ten individuals have been arrested in connection with an alleged organized crime and prostitution ring in Orlando. Agents from the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation completed the arrests after raiding three different homes on a recent Wednesday. The arrests came following a 16-year-old going to police to say that she and…Read More

Former educator accused of sexual battery dating back to 1990s

Written by Moses & Rooth on June 11, 2014

The former chair of an East Coast school board has been arrested and charged in Florida in connection with a variety of sex crimes dating back to the 1990s. Authorities report that the 53-year-old technology expert is accused of abusing girls in Virginia, where he served as a politician, ex-military…Read More

Man charged with child molestation claims innocence

Written by Moses & Rooth on May 23, 2014

Innocent until proven guilty? In America, that’s the way the law is supposed to work, but what about public opinion? If someone is accused of sex crimes, especially against a child, they are often publicly ruined.

Everyone deserves their day in court and the opportunity to plead their case before being…Read More

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