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Backpages Continue to Lead To Prostitution Arrests

Written by Moses & Rooth on September 18, 2013

In 2010 this blog reported that Backages.com was becoming the new Craigslist.com when it came to “adult services” on the web.  Well two years later and it still looks like backpages.com has continued down this road.  The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that a landlord was suspicious of people coming to a tennant’s apartment.  Law enforcement was notified and discovered that the tennant was advertising hourly sessions for body rubs for $200/ hour which was later determined by the investigation to be more then a rub and sexual in nature.

Additionaly it was reported that a Boyton Beach mother and daughter were advertising prostitution services on backpages.com.  The two have denied any wrong doing are state they were simply running a provacitive massage business out of their apartment.

I would assume that there will come a time when law enforcement will begin targeting backpages for a criminal investigation much like they did with cragslist.

Please remember that Florida law punishes those involved with prostitution related offenses.  This punishment may include jail, probation, and mandatory STD and HIV testing.

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