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Synthetic Marijuana Operation Shut Down in Central Florida

Law enforcement agencies targeting drug crimes in Central Florida make another major bust. These Law enforcement agencies shut down another synthetic marijuana and K2 operation. (this drug is also referred to as “Spice”) Local law enforcement along with Drug Enforcement agency (DEA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have all been collaborating to target these similar operations. These agents...

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Backpages Continue to Lead To Prostitution Arrests

In 2010 this blog reported that Backages.com was becoming the new Craigslist.com when it came to “adult services” on the web.  Well two years later and it still looks like backpages.com has continued down this road.  The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that a landlord was suspicious of people coming to a tennant’s apartment.  Law enforcement was notified and discovered that the...

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Important bite mark evidence ruling handed down

Sometimes a single judge ruling in a solitary case can influence other judges all over the nation to follow his or her lead. Recently, criminal defense and criminal justice advocates hoped that a judge in New York would rule in such a way that a domino effect of similar rulings would occur all over the nation. Individuals and groups...

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How does house arrest for drunk driving work?

If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you could become subject to a host of consequences. Depending on the nature of your infraction you could face fines, mandatory community service hours and even imprisonment. In some cases, harsh sentencing may be pled down to a more manageable consequence. For example, you may be facing jail time...

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FDA Finally Wakes up with new Opioid Labeling, but still not enough

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just announced a new requirement for prescription pills containing Opioids, such as Oxycontin to have starker warning labels. Its pretty pathetic for the FDA to now (Spetember 2013) be releasing this requirement and statement: “FDA is extremely concerned about the inappropriate use in opioids, which has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and has become...

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The Resurgence of Molly

When it comes to drug crimes across the country, Molly is certainly making a resurgence.  The drug commonly referred to as Molly is making a comeback from the 1990’s. Molly, which is pure MDMA which is the ingredient typically combined with other substances in Ecstasy pills, is a popular dugs for teenagers and young people involved in music raves....

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Study reveals benefits of federal drug sentencing reform efforts

Last week, we discussed the news that several Florida legislators are determined to strengthen sex crimes sentencing laws during the next legislative session. In that post, we explored why subjecting low-level offenders to even stricter sentencing laws would neither be in the best interests of Florida’s taxpayers nor the public generally as longer imprisonment terms for low-level offenders are...

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Efforts increasing to clear the names of wrongfully convicted

On behalf of Jay Rooth of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law posted inCriminal Justice on Monday, April 22, 2013. A broken criminal justice system benefits no one. When the system is defined by corruption, inconsistencies and dysfunction, the accused, victims and even prosecutors suffer undesirable consequences. In recent years, it has become apparent that even strong criminal defense...

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Supreme Court to rule on important criminal defense issue

“You have the right to remain silent.” While not all Americans understand that this sentence is the beginning of one’s Miranda rights, nearly all adult Americans understand that this right exists. Popular movies and television programs have taught the public that when you are arrested, you can refuse to speak to law enforcement until you have an attorney present....

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Four Arrested in Eustis Drug Bust

Police in Eustis recently concluded what they described as an “extensive investigation” by arresting three men and a woman whom they believe were selling drugs. Late last week, authorities — including Eustis, Tavares and Leesburg police, SWAT teams and DEA agents — raided two homes, one on East Gottsche Avenue and the other on Clifford Avenue. They said they...

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