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With the large amount of drugs that have been trying to find a home in Florida, the Coast Guard has been busy this month. The coast guard seized almost $12 million dollars worth of drugs on one day alone this September off the coast of Miami. Part of the Coast Guard’s seizure included cocaine and marijuana from a Panamanian-flagged boat off the coast. The Coast Guard then found a capsized boat with three people and 68 bales of marijuana. Although it may seem easy to buy drugs in Florida with over $12 million of drugs coming in on a daily basis, Florida’s strict drug laws should be enough motivation to refrain from doing so.

Drugs in Florida

The Coast Guard has seized almost 130 metric tons of cocaine thus far this year, which is the largest amount since 2008. With all of these seizures off the coast it may make you wonder what would happen to a person possessing or selling drugs within Florida. Drug laws in Florida prohibit people from selling, delivering, manufacturing, and possessing these drugs with the intent to distribute. A person who is charged with a drug offense could face serious consequences and should seek the help of an experienced attorney right away.

Regardless of whether a person sells, possesses, or traffics cocaine in Florida, he or she will face felony charges. If a person possesses more than 28 grams of cocaine, this is considered trafficking and is considered a first-degree felony. A person in possession of 28 grams will be charged with a three-year prison sentence and a $50,000 fine. Those who possess over 150 kg will face life in prison.

Due to Florida’s history with the drug, law enforcement in the water and on land are working hard to crack down on the use and trafficking of cocaine. Depending on the situation, a person who is involved in a drug offense may face federal charges rather than state charges. Regardless of whether a person is charged with a federal or state-related cocaine charge, it will still carry a heavy jail sentence and large fine. Due to Florida’s strict drug laws, a person should make sure that he or she does anything possible to avoid getting involved with cocaine.

Pending Drug Charges

If you have recently been charged with a drug-related offense, an attorney will be able to explain the charges and provide you with potential options that may be available to you based on the facts and evidence involved with your case. Our attorneys at Moses & Rooth have a great deal of experience with both federal and state level drug crimes. If you would like to consult with an attorney on your potential legal options, contact our firm by phone at 407-377-0150. We are ready to take your call and listen to your side of the story.

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