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Possession of Illegal Drugs
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Orlando Possession With Intent Attorney

People charged with possession with intent to sell or deliver in Florida face serious possible legal consequences, including jail and prison time, probation, a criminal record and fines. Several routes can often lead to a positive outcome for the accused following this charge, including:

  • Questioning whether the original search was legal
  • Questioning whether statements from witnesses and the accused were obtained legally
  • Filing motions to suppress evidence
  • Questioning whether the suspect was illegally detained
  • Using the facts of the case and legal arguments to challenge for a reduction of charges

These and other defense tactics are best handled by experienced criminal defense attorneys.

Possession with Intent to Deliver or Sell

At the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law, we have the experience needed to effectively protect your rights following drug crime charges; our two-member lawyer team has handled numerous criminal cases, and each attorney has served extensively both as a criminal prosecutor and as a criminal defense lawyer.

Using the Law and the Facts of Your Case to Protect Your Rights

If you have been charged with the possession of illegal or prescription drugs with the intent to sell them, we question the facts of your arrest and case, along with police procedures, in order to pursue a reduction or dismissal of charges. We can ask:

  • Does drug preparation or packaging really indicate an intent to sell?
  • How did the officer find the drugs?
  • How is the state establishing dominion and control of the drug, i.e., did the drugs really belong to you?
  • Do baggies, notebooks, a ledger, drug quantities and other circumstantial evidence truly point to an intent to sell?
  • How reliable are witnesses?

Get the experienced legal help you need following charges of drug possession with intent to sell. Contact Moses and Rooth Attorneys at Law at our Orlando or New Smyrna Beach office.