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Orlando Cocaine Possession Attorney

Possession of cocaine cases require an experienced attorney to make a detailed examination of all the evidence and identify all possible legal issues. Did police have a valid reason to stop you for a drug offense? Did law enforcement conduct a legal search of your car or home? How did they determine the drugs were yours? Were the statements legally obtained? Was consent given? Were Miranda rights read?

If you have been charged with cocaine possession, you need a law firm that brings experience and focus. We are former prosecutors, and we have focused our entire legal careers on criminal law matters.


Cocaine Possession Information

The drug possession defense lawyers at Moses and Rooth are former prosecutors and experienced trial attorneys who know how to aggressively fight the charges against you. We understand the other side and how to successfully attack a drug crime case to obtain a favorable outcome.

  • Reasonable suspicion: While the police may find drugs after pulling someone over, our Orlando Cocaine possession attorneys examine the circumstances surrounding the stop to determine what led them to suspect you had cocaine in your possession before they took action.
  • Probable cause: Our criminal defense firm examines all evidence, including police reports, independent witnesses, witness statements, dashboard video camera footage and any other evidence that may assist us in determining what gave the officer cause to search you or your car for narcotics.
  • Negotiating charges: Our aggressive defense can also use state and federal drug laws and sentencing guidelines to successfully negotiate the elimination or reduction of the charges, fines or time served for cocaine possession.
  • Alternative sentencing: Our drug charge defense attorneys also look for sentencing alternatives appropriate for your situation, such as shorter sentences, downward departures, drug counseling and rehabilitation, therapy, probation where suitable, diversion programs or home detention.


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From our office near the downtown Orlando courthouse, Moses and Rooth represents clients in the Central Florida communities throughout Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Volusia, Brevard, Lake and Polk counties. For tenacious criminal defense against cocaine possession charges, contact us online or call 407-377-0150 for immediate help.

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