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Orlando Veterans Diversion Court is a True Asset

Written by Moses & Rooth on November 11, 2013

The Ninth Judicial Circuit has finally started and opened its Veterans Diversion Court.  Orange County Judge Brewer is absolutely committed to making the Veterans Program a success in Orlando.  While the Ninth Circuit already has a pretrial diversion program for first time offenders, the Orlando Veteran’s Court is sure to provide true advantages to our veterans.  This program will provide counselors for the veterans to assist them in finding assistance through programs offered at the Veterans Association (VA).  The VA has more funding and accessibility to more treatment than the typical orange county diversion programs.  In my experience, counseling and assisting those with access to specialized programs can be a great starting point to recovery.

In order to be accepted into the Ninth Circuit Veterans Court, you must be approved by the State Attorneys Office.  Furthermore, if the case involves a victim such as a battery case or a theft, the victim must also approve.

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