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Conspiracy to Traffic Drugs
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Conspiracy to Traffic Drugs in Orlando

The criminal charge of conspiracy to traffic drugs is difficult for many people to understand. Most drug-related criminal charges require that the state prove you were in possession of the drugs at some point in time. Even a drug trafficking charge requires the prosecution to prove possession of the drugs and the weight of the drugs.

A conspiracy to traffic drugs charge, however, can be proven by establishing that an agreement existed and that the defendant committed an overt act to carry out that agreement. The overt act does not even need to completed, though discussions, plans and agreements do not constitute a conspiracy. Action is required.

You can even be charged with conspiracy to traffic drugs without ever being in possession of any drugs. Considering the number of drug charges that involve the selling of drugs, including drug dealing and drug trafficking, it’s often difficult to understand what the charge of conspiracy to traffic drugs involves.

If you are facing the criminal charge of conspiracy to traffic drugs, we will thoroughly examine your case and exhaust all possible criminal defenses. We will review all the police reports and discovery to consider:

  • Was the wiretap legal?
  • Was the warrant legal?
  • Is the prosecution using substantial assistance in negotiating or creating the case?
  • Did another informant pick you out of a lineup as a conspirator of the drug trafficking offense?

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