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Orlando Drug Crimes Lawyers
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Orlando Oxycontin Possession Lawyers

When you are charged with a drug crime involving Oxycontin (sometimes spelled “Oxycodone” or “Oxycontin”), it’s important for you to realize the potential severity of the charges. Most people facing Oxycontin-related charges are surprised to learn that:

  • The possession of four to 13 grams of Oxycontin without a prescription carries a three-year minimum mandatory prison sentence and fines of $50,000
  • The possession of 14 to 27 grams of Oxycontin without a prescription carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years and fines of $100,000
  • The possession of 28 grams or more of Oxycontin without a prescription carries a prison sentence of up to 25 years and fines of $1 million

Possessing just a handful of Oxycontin pills can lead to drug trafficking charges.


Aggressive Legal Help From Former Prosecutors

While Oxycontin charges are clearly very serious, we understand that most people facing prescription drug charges have no ill intent. Many of our clients accused of Oxycontin possession and distribution charges became addicted to Oxycontin following fender benders and chronic pain. Later, addiction led to charges of Oxycontin theft, prescription forgery and other infractions.

If you need legal help following Oxycontin charges, contact our firm for aggressive and experienced legal help. Firm attorneys Andrew Moses and Jay R. Rooth are former prosecutors and have handled numerous drug crime cases both as criminal defense lawyers and as prosecutors. We can examine issues like probable cause, admissions, the explaining of rights, illegal detention, and search and seizure laws to build a strongest-possible case. For a no-charge initial consultation, contact our Orlando law office.

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